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Notepad++ is a accessible, really valuable seed codification application fashioned to reinforcement various planning languages. Notepad++ is fashioned to be a freeware replacement for Notepad.

This programme, supported on Smidge cut factor (a really right application portion) and longhand in C++ with sheer win32 api (i.e. without MFC, that ensures the higher enforcement speed and small situation of the document), is low the GPL Pass.

This task is mellowed. Nevertheless, as you can see it's a one-man-project, there're relieve whatsoever bugs and nonexistent features.

Here are both key features of "Notepad++":

Structure Highlighting and Syntax Folding:
· Fostered languages : C, C++, Island, C , XML, HTML, PHP, Javascript, RC ingeniousness enter, makefile, Code art record (pedagogy .nfo, doxygen, ini enter, peck file, ASP, VB/VBS seed files, SQL, Objective-C, CSS, Mathematician, Perl, Python and Lua.

· If you feature a timber machine, impress your shaper encrypt (or whatsoever you requirement) in interest.

Tool Configurator:
· For apiece tool in every corroborated language, person can modify the background/foreground colouring, the face, typeface filler and font tool ( bold or Italic ) via the Communication Configurator Dialog.

Person Define Syntax Lightness:
· It allows person to delimitate his own language : not only the syntax light keywords, but also the syntax folding keywords, note keywords and the operators.

· You can censor various documents at the equal quantify.

· You hit two views at unvaried instant. That substance you can see (change) 2 variant documents at the one minute. You can envision (censor) in the 2 views one writing at 2 dissimilar positions as excavation. The qualifying of credit in one look faculty convey out in another look (i.e. you modify the Said document when you are in clone norm).

Frequenter Demonstration Activity financed:
· You can see one accumulation in the credit by using the lawful constituent.

Nourished Scuffle 'N' Gravitation backed:
· You can give a papers by search & decrement. You can also locomote your document from a status (or still a view) to another by proceed & discontinue.

Dynamic stance of Views:
· The human can set the job of the views dynamically (exclusive in 2 views property : the divider can be set in flat or in perpendicular).

Line Position Auto-detection:
· If you modify or censor a enter which unsealed in Notepad++, you give be notified to update your document (charge the file or withdraw the record).

Whizz in and hurry out:
· That's other marvelous purpose of Smidgen element.

Multi-Language environs nourished:
· The Chinese, Japanese and Altaic Windows environments are nourished.

· Soul can fair move on the marker profit (located tract surface of communication periodical edge) or typewrite Ctrl+F2 to switch a book gospel. To achieve the bookmark, typewrite just F2 (Succeeding marker) or Shift+F2 (Old marker). To realize all bookmarks, depression the Agenda Search->Clear All bookmarks.

Steady and Space programme Highlighting:
· When the caret edict beside of one of those symbol [ ] ( ) , the symbol beside of caret and its symmetric oppositeness symbolization instrument be highlighted, as intimately as the bind rule (if any) in say to station the alinement much easily.

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