postheadericon Dr.Web CureIt! 6.00.5

Dr.WEB CureIt! is an antivirus and anti-spyware scanning puppet that is matured on the Dr.WEB engine which leave amend you speedily image and heal, if required, a machine without start of the Dr.WEB Anti-virus.

Dr.WEB CureIT! automatically detects the module of the OS it is installed to and sets the detector interface accordingly (if the localized language is not braced, Land is enabled).

Dr.WEB CureIt! supports the masses languages: Indigene, Semite, Alphabet, European, Belorussian, Slavonic, Side, Esthonian, Nation, American, Teutonic, Greek, European, Asian, Baltic, Lithuanian, Round, Lusitanian, Slovakian, Romance, Ukrainian.

Dr.WEB CureIt! contains the most up-to-date add-ons to the Dr.WEB virus bases accomplishment up to twice per hour cardinal at periods of dominating malware submissions

Dr.WEB CureIT! detects and removes

■ Mass-mailing worms
■ E-mail viruses
■ Peer-to-peer viruses
■ Internet worms
■ File viruses
■ Trojans
■ Stealth viruses
■ Polymorphic viruses
■ Bodiless viruses
■ Macro viruses
■ MS Office viruses
■ Script viruses
■ Spyware
■ Spybots
■ Password stealers
■ Keyloggers
■ Paid Dialers
■ Adware
■ Riskware
■ Hacktools
■ Backdoors
■ Joke programs
■ Malicious scripts
■ Other malware

Developer homepage :
Download :


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