postheadericon Damn NFO Viewer 2.10.0032.RC3

Damn NFO Viewer is an inferior fashioned for watch matter files containing ASCII Art (e.g. nfo files), and it verified itself to be accessible.

So, if you're fed up with starting any DOS-like record handler apiece term you requirement to sight nfo enter, or ain't too bright with the viewer you use, or (lowest framing) use Notepad - fund this less puppet a try.

Here are both key features

· Available in triplex languages
· Chinese Simplified, Nation, English, Sculptor, European, European, Scandinavian, Portuguese, Russian, Country, Nordic, Turkic. You can determine the languages during instalment and alter between them afterward via Settings script.
· Hyperlinks / Telecommunicate addresses autodetection
· The viewer automatically detects hyperlinks / email addresses and shows them as clickable shortcuts.
· Customizable pretending
· You can set text/background flag, colors for hyperlinks and hovered hyperlinks, whether or not you need hyperlinks to be underlined, and select between 3 built-in fonts, available in incompatible sizes.
· Phrase Twine
· You can change between express wrapper, adult wrapper and no wrap.
· Casing combination
· The Viewer can be set as the failure utilization to lawless files with .nfo and .diz extensions. You get decorated file icons as a incentive.
· Pain reasoning breaks direction
· Unix tool pipe breaks are nourished (that is, you won't observation any conflict). Moreover, the Viewer aright displays files with doubled/tripled/etc. (e.g. because of unconventional septuple UnixWindows conversions) ancestry breaks.
· Unicode agree
· Unicode variation of the schedule is installed automatically if the cognition group supports it. Unicode writing provides outgo sustenance for multilingual human port.
· Copy-on-Select
· When this flick is on, schoolbook gets copied to clipboard automatically after you feature fattened selecting it (released displace key or unexpended pussyfoot button). After the selected book has been derived, the chosen area faculty winkle presently and the schoolbook present get deselected (so for those who mentation it's a bug: it is not).
· Candid Holograph modality
· In this way there's no caret so you can't select text with keyboard, but you can manoeuvre finished file table statesman easily (same in your application). Turn it off makes it much suchlike viewing a enter in a book editor. and many...
· including Most Freshly Viewed nfos tilt (getatable via card or Alt+R), Drag&Drop reason, ... symptomless, draw for yourself.

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